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3D Scanning Services

Whether you work in real estate, architecture, retail, or arts & entertainment, you'll be able to easily scan realistic replicas of your space, products and more! Once you have that scan, we'll provide you with a snippet of code to quickly add your virtual experience to your business website.




What Is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning technology can create unimaginable experiences that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Imagine walking through your office, storefront, rental property, museum, gallery, or music venue in high resolution, virtually!

3D scanning brings your space to the next dimension by digitizing and distributing fully immersive 3D environments that empowers customers to be in the driver's seat.

Scanning 3D Models

What Are The Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to having your space documented with a high resolution Matterport camera, but here are a few examples of what Saganworks 3D Scanning Services can do for you and your industry!  

  • Real Estate: Deliver incredible customer experiences that set you apart and differentiates you as a tech-forward agent; Attract qualified leads with 4k virtual tours they can explore themselves
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction: Scan your construction site once and have all of the details you'll ever need — precise measurements, etc.
  • GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums): Blend education with entertainment; Time and location are no longer barriers for visitors
  • Travel & Hospitality: Allow guests to visualize all of your accommodations so they can plan and book in advance
  • Retail: Quickly and easily plan, implement, and manage brand, floor layouts, and merchandising; Improve customer experiences and give them a new way to shop; Gain a competitive edge
  • Other: Help prospective clients visualize event spaces, venues, products; Reduce costs and help save the most precious expense — your time

How It Works

We provide you and your business with a powerful 3D replica that enables you to transform your space into a digital twin. We do this by capturing and digitizing your space, then distributing your 3D models to the world wide web. Better yet, it's a service you can actually afford!


On-Site Scanning

The Matterport 3D Camera will take an infrared scan that captures every minute detail of your space.

Generally takes 1 - 2 hours to fully capture.

Process On Cloud

Services include your 3D model, 3D highlight reel, and teaser videos to help with business promotions.


3D Virtual Tour Link

Your 3D Model will be accessible via a sharable link through any device: desktop, tablet, mobile, or VR set.


Solving everyday problems with 3D solutions.

Need a 3D replica of your product or space? We've got you covered. Contact us so we can help you take your business to the next level!

How much does it cost?
Saganworks 3D Scans vary with $150 per room, $300 per office and $500 per building.

For custom spaces, we can provide a quote.

Matterport Solutions Providers will charge you double! So, if you're looking for a 3D solution that's on budget, Saganworks 3D Scanning Services is the best option to reach your bottom line.